Miss Kacey Jordan Twitter

Kacey Jordan is a popular porn star and ever since her appearance on the Howard Stern Show she has become more of a mainstream celebrity with a set of loyal fans that follow her every move through her wild Twitter account.

A few weeks ago, she was thought to have attempted suicide because of comments she made on Twitter. Kacey tweeted, “i’ve over done it… the more i do…i keep passing out… i just pray i wake up each time (sic).”

Now she is tweeting about her withdrawal symptoms as she tries to detoxify. Her most recent Tweets read, “i just woke up an hour ago from withdrawals… i feel sick :( and my stomach pain is still bad… i gotta go home to oregon so mom can help”

A few days later she tweeted, “i just woke up early again from withdrawal symptoms… but i don’t care cuz it’s my bday!!!”