Chris Brown will Still Appear on Dancing With the Stars

ABC should be ashamed of themselves for having Chris Brown as a guest on Dancing With the Stars. Not only is he an immature little brat and a convicted wife beater, but he also just destroyed an ABC dressing room in New York just a few days ago. However, that hasn’t stopped ABC from featuring Chris Brown their hit TV show, Dancing With the Stars which will no doubt include a promotion of his new album, “Fame.”

Did Jose Canseco Have Twin Brother Ozzie Pose As Him For Appearance?

That is the latest orange juiceor that is going around and if anybody has ever seen the twins side by side, it is difficult to tell them apart. However, several observant fans noticed that it wasn’t Jose who showed up to a celebrity boxing match in Florida. The promoter was suspicious of Ozzie when he began to ask for his payment in cash before the fight. Once Ozzie made his way to the ring, several fans started to boo and Ozzie had to be escorted out of the club.

Later, the promoter claimed to have received a text message from Jose Canseco that read,

“If you pay my brother the $5,000 I will fight for you again and handle all the media that is calling me and make you look good. If not, well, you’re on your own.”

Miss Kacey Jordan Twitter

Kacey Jordan is a popular porn star and ever since her appearance on the Howard Stern Show she has become more of a mainstream celebrity with a set of loyal fans that follow her every move through her wild Twitter account.

A few weeks ago, she was thought to have attempted suicide because of comments she made on Twitter. Kacey tweeted, “i’ve over done it… the more i do…i keep passing out… i just pray i wake up each time (sic).”

Now she is tweeting about her withdrawal symptoms as she tries to detoxify. Her most recent Tweets read, “i just woke up an hour ago from withdrawals… i feel sick :( and my stomach pain is still bad… i gotta go home to oregon so mom can help”

A few days later she tweeted, “i just woke up early again from withdrawal symptoms… but i don’t care cuz it’s my bday!!!”

Talk With Good Looking Males In Garland, Texas

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K Slice Films Television Parts

Kimbo Slice Scorpion King 3

Clearly, since the debut of Slice’s new big time film, The Scorpion King 3, critics have started to understand he is a legit ace with many gifts. Over his career, Kimbo has appeared in over five movies.

Right now, Kimbo Slice’s manager Mr. Imber tells us they have met with Hollywood star Kevin Connelly to entertain the idea of a film about Slice’s life. The plan is to make the Kimbo biography film into a big release for close fans in the US. And so, be on the look out cause the K-Slice biography movie will be at a movie theater close to you soon.

Freya 3019 PIER Halter (2pc) Set D-GG Blk

Buy Freya Swimwear #3019 PIER Halter Top & #3022 Rio Bikini Brief (2pc) Set 28-38 D-GG in BLACK.

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In Doing So Mourinho Became The Third Manager In Football History To

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

In the next season Mourinho guided the team to victory in the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, to the top of the league for a second time, and won the highest honour in European club football, the UEFA Champions League. in 2008 Mourinho signed a three-year contract with Serie A club Internazionale. in doing so, Mourinho became the third manager in football history to win the UEFA Champions League with two different teams, after Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld. The fall of António de Oliveira Salazar’s Estado Novo regime in April 1974, however, led to the family losing all but a single property in nearby Palmela. Initially a step away from management, Mourinho began discussing tactics and coaching with Robson in his interpreting role.

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